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Product Details

What are centrifugal castings?

The manufacturing process of centrifugal casting is amolten metal casting technique that uses centrifugal force to distribute and refine the molten material in the mold. High levels of centrifugal force press the molten material against the mold wall creating a sound, dense tubular product.

Why use centrifugal castings?

Centrifugal castings are the ideal alternative to bar stock for all of your ring and sleeve requirements. Centrifugal casting has several very specific advantages. Why bore out all that material when you can get it with the hole already in it? Cast parts are ideal for pipes and tubes, bushings, rings, sleeves, liners, and all other hollow core cylindrical metal applications. Centrifugally cast metal products have a remarkably dense wall since lighter oxides and impurities are forced to the inner diameter where they can be easily machined away.

Centrifugal casting is a process that delivers shaped castings very near to the final dimension and of high material soundness. It is the best choice for the production of critical components where a high grade of reliability is required.

In the centrifugal casting process, liquid steel is poured into a spinning metallic shaped mould. 

Centrifugation leads to:

●Mechanical separation of inclusions and impurities towards the internal surface, that will then be removed through the machining process, ensuring high metallurgical cleanliness.

●Extremely rapid directional solidification of molten steel under the pressure generated by centrifugal force that results in a very fine and defects free microstructure which produces outstanding mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

●High process versatility and the ability to produce small quantities ensures very short lead times.

●Possibility to pour items with tailored chemical analysis.

●Production of components difficult to be forged due to their poor cold or hot formability, with particular focus on heat resistant alloy products with high carbon levels.

Dimensional Range

Pipes with wall thicknesses from 7 to 200mm and lengths up to 5500mm. Rings, cones, flanges with wall thicknesses from 30 to 250mm. 

Our products are supplied in rough condition or finished machined.

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