Custom Good Quality Large Castings Stainless Steel Valve Body Wafer Valve Castings

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Heat resistance means that the steel is resistant to scaling at temperatures above 500 °C. These steels are not exposed to significant mechanical stress.

The significant feature of all heat resistant steels is the oxide layer which is formed during the manufacturing process when the steel is exposed to mildly and strongly oxidising conditions at elevated temperatures. Heat resisting steels provide formtight, adherent and dense oxide layers that provide the heat resistance of the material. The oxide layers are composed of chromium, silicon or aluminium oxides or some combination of these. The heat resistance of the steel depends very much of its chromium, silicon and aluminium content. The more oxides of these the steel contains the better is its heat resistance and the higher can be the authorized operating temperature.

●ASTM A297 (HC - UNS S92605)

Has a good amount of Chromium for good oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 2000 F (1093 C). Low nickel content to maintain greater resistance to sulphur bearing environments at 2000 F (1093 C).


Cement, Glass, Heat Treating, Industrial Furnace, Oil Refining, Ore Processing, Paper, Power | Zinc Refining |Boiler baffles | Electrodes | Furnace Grate Bars | Gas Outlet Dampers | Kiln Parts | Lute Rings | Rabble Blades and Holders | Recuperators | Salt Pots | Soot Blower Tubes | Support Skids | Tuyeres | Excellent for operational environments involving combustion gases, flue gases, high sulfur, and molten neutral salts | Grate Bars | Molten Salt Pots | Furnace Skids | Injector Tubes | Slag Tapping Blocks | Carbon Disulphide Reformer Coils

●ASTM A297 (HD- UNS J93005) / ASTM A608 (HD50 - UNS J93015 )

Austenitic with some ferrite (weakly magnetic and cannot be hardened much ).


Load-bearing operations where temperatures don't exceed 1200 F (649 C)| Light load-bearing operations with temperature max 1900 F (1040 C) | Surfur resistance | Oxidation Resistance | Good Weldability | Centrifugal Castings | Brazing Furnace Components for the copper, glass, heat treating, oil refining, ore processing industries |Cracking Equipment | Furnace Blowers | Pouring Spouts | Gas Burner Parts | Holding Pots | Cement Kiln Ends | Roaster furnace rabble arms and blades |recuperater sections | Handling of Combustion and Flue Gases | Handling of High Sulfur Atmospheres | Handling of Copper Alloys and Molten Copper | Rotary Kiln Ring Entrance

●ASTM A297 - J93303 (HH) / ASTM A447 - J93503 (HH I and HH II) / ASTM A608 ( HH30 - UNS J93513 / HH33 - UNS J93633)

Good Strength / oxidation resistance at 1400 - 1800 F (760-982 C ) maximum operating temperature 2000 F (1093 C).


Rabble arms and blades | grate bars | cement kiln cooling chain and shackles | tuyeres | furnace burner nozzles | radiant heater tubes and fittings | tube supports and hangers | tube sheets | heat treatment furnace hardware | furnace retorts and muffles | inderizing sidewalls |Annealing trays | billet skids |burner nozzles | carburizing boxes | convection tube supports | dampers, exhaust manifolds | flue gases stacks | grate supports | hardening trays | kiln nose ring segments | normalizing discs | pier caps | quenching trays | radiant tubes and supports | refractory supports | retorts | roller hearths and rails | stoker parts | tube hangers | Elbows

●ASTM A297 (HK ) / A351 (HK30 and HK40) / A567 (HK40 and HK50 - 1987 Discontinued Specifications) / A608 (HK30 and HK40)

The HK alloy steel has been the industry standard for 40 plus years due to its moderately high temperature strength, resistance to hot gas and sulfur-bearing hot gas corrosions, oxidation resistance, high creep and rupture strengths, and carburization resistance. Often used in structiral applications up to 2100 F (1150 C) . Often used in as cast condition; it has good machinability and very weldable without the required preheat or post heat.

HK30 and HK 40 are often used for pressure-containing parts used in environments with elevated temperature and corrosive service ( in reference of ASTM A351) and centrifugally cast parts ( ASTM A608)


Furnace Tubes and Calcining| Ammonia, Molten Neutral Salts, Methanol and Hydrogen Reformers | Ethylene Pyrolysis Coils and Fittings | Steam Super-heater Tubes and Fittings | Tube Supports and Hangers | Tube Sheets | Heat Treatment Fixtures and Trays | Refractory Supports | Furnace Skids | Furnace Rolls | Rabble Arms |Steam Hydrocarbon Reformer | Elbows

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