Professional Heat Treatment Furnace Charge/heat Resistant Steel Charging Tray/mesh Belt Furnace Bottom Plate Process

Product Details

Heat resisting steel tray:

1. Material: Material: ZGCr18Ni38, ZGCr25Ni20; ZGCr25Ni35Nb;ZGCr28Ni48W5,or customized material. (304,316,310,HK40,HT,HU,HP,HH,22H,,Super22H,Supertherm,More1,More2,DCH27.,etc).

2. Process: Lost foam casting, sand mold casting, precision casting.

3. Weight: 1kg--4500kg.

4. Application: CAL(Continuous annealing line)/CGL(Continuous galvanizing line).heating furnaces, steel mills and heat-treatment industries,etc.

5. Material and Test Standard: ASME,DIN,GB or according to drawing and requirement.

6. Equipment: Electric arc furnace, Intermediate frequency induction furnace, Imported Direct Reading Spectrometer, Electric Universal Testing Machine, Eddy current inspection instrument, Argon arc welding machine, Lathes, milling machines, drill presses, Boring machines,CNC grinding machines,etc.

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