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A brief introduction to different casting techniques of the heat resistant steel charging tray

Oct 25, 2017

【Summary】The casting technique of the heat resistant steel charging tray adopts centrifugal casting method, which is suitable for horizontal centrifugal casting machine of casting pipe. It can cast small caliber pipe of 50mm diameter to 1600 mm large diameter tube ( maximum product length is 6 meters ).

For this kind of heat resistant steel charging tray, the hollow cylindrical products with uniform thickness will be obtained because of the effect of centrifugal force. Because there is no influence on solidification contraction, the product with small casting stress will be obtained.

For the static casting heat resistant steel charging tray, the advanced lost wax precision casting,resin sand mold casting and negative regulation will be used. In this regard, it will be more adaptable to the needs of a variety of small batch users. After the casting is finished,

the use of more advanced wax casting, resin sand mold casting, negative pressure casting.  After the casting, all casting products can be processing, assembling and packaging of train services.

When casting the heat resistant steel charging tray,different kinds of materials will be used for casting, whether from carbon steel to stainless steel, or processed heat resistant steel and high alloy special steel. In addition to the heat resistant steel charging tray, it also can cast different material castings.

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