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A brief introduction to the aluminum ingot casting purification technology of the aluminum customized casting

Oct 27, 2017

【Summary】The aluminum ingot casting purification technology of the aluminum customized casting has drawn the different kinds of impurities in the aluminum liquid from the electric tank. Because of this, the aluminum customized casting also needs be cleaned before casting. In industry, it mainly uses the purification methods such as clarification, flux and gas. It also uses directional solidification and filtration method to purify.

The flux purification technology in the aluminum customized casting has formed a large number of fine droplets by adding the flux in the aluminum liquid. In this way, the oxide in the aluminum solution is adsorbed and dissolved by the droplets, forming new droplets to the surface, and removing the formed dross after cooling.

When the aluminum custom castings are purified, the melting point of the flux is low, and the density is small. The surface tension is relatively small and the activity is relatively large.

Insert the small flux into the iron barrel, then insert the bottom of the mixing furnace and stir it back and forth, then take out the iron barrel and stand for 5 ~ 10 min. Remove surface scum for casting. Then the flux is coated on the surface to cover. 

The gas purification is also a key and main method of virgin aluminum purification. The gas used includes chlorine, nitrogen, and chlorine nitrogen mixed gas.

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