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A brief introduction to the capability and relevant advantages of the wear resistance castings

Oct 23, 2017

【Summary】Metal liquid formation technique will be called casting. The history of casting forming technology is also relatively long. As early as more than 5000 years ago, our ancestors have been able to  cast the red copper and bronze products. The wear resistant casting in casting is a widely used metal liquid formation technique.

The wear resistance castings a method which is to cast liquid metal into the mold cavity,  it will obtain the blank or part with a certain shape after cooling and solidification. In the machine, the proportion of liquid forming parts is larger. In the machine tool, internal combustion engine or mining machinery, heavy machinery, the liquid forming parts will account for 70 % ~ 90 % of the total weight.


The wear resistance castings also account for 50 % to 70 % of the car or tractor. In agricultural machinery, it will also account for 40 % ~ 70 %. The wear resistance castings use so widely because of its own advantages.

The wear resistance castings can directly produce the blank with complex inner cavity or shape. For different kinds of box body or machine bed, cylinder block and cylinder cover, it has more flexible process performance, and has better adaptive performance.

The size of the wear resistance castings produced from the liquid forming is almost unlimited. Its weight is from several grams to several hundred tons. The wall thickness is from 0.5mm to about 1m. Metal materials that can be melted into liquid can also be used in the liquid formation technique in the industry.

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