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A brief introduction to the process flow of Heat treatment tray

Jul 26, 2017

Heat treatment tray workpiece process, first of all is the heat-resistant steel castings pre-foam, specifically refers to the polystyrene beads to be pre-issued to the appropriate density, for this, we can actually pass Steam rapid heating to achieve. Next, the process flow for the Heat treatment tray workpiece is modeled, after the pre-foaming process.

After the pre-foam beads must be related to the first stabilization treatment, followed by, it is actually will be sent into the stolen mold cavity, the next step is to pay attention to should be introduced into the steam, so that the beads soften or Is inflated, so that it can be packed with all the gaps and will be integrated into one. In this way, our Heat treatment tray workpiece model also formed.

Heat treatment tray Another step of the workpiece is the model cluster weaving. Before the use of the model, must pay attention to the appropriate time to store (in general, that is, a few hours to several days), this is the model can be mature and stable, and finally, we can put the block model directly The combination of the adhesive.

The next step is called the model family dip coating, which is to immerse the model cluster into the refractory coating. Then we should pay attention to the fact that the model cluster should be placed in the sand box and filled with dry sand. Will be more compact (under normal circumstances, we actually will use vacuum to form a negative pressure, so that sand becomes tight), must be all in the case of tight and support can be The

Heat treatment tray The last two steps of the workpiece processing is to carry out casting and melting and sand cleaning, when the metal poured into the mold, under certain conditions will become we need the Heat treatment tray workpiece. The final sand cleaning, that is, after casting, the casting will be in the sand box which solidification and cooling, this time it will form a sand, we need to clean up.


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