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Alloy steel castings have high technical requirements and good quality

Jul 21, 2018

Alloy steel castings are also effectively referred to as lost wax casting technology. To a certain extent, the products produced by such methods are very precise, the shape is very complicated, and the shape of the parts is almost equal, and the processing is required. Products that are rarely or directly available, therefore, investment casting technology is a forming process technology.

Alloy steel castings can produce small casting products through precision casting technology, and can also produce large casting products. In addition, precision casting technology continues to be refined. In addition to the linear tolerances of the casting products, the casting products are able to achieve very high geometric tolerance parameters. The casting process technology of alloy steel castings has a very low surface roughness and is close to Ra0.3um. In view of these advantages of precision casting, it has been widely used in China's industry.

The casting process of alloy steel castings can save a lot of machining time, shorten the whole production cycle of casting products, and greatly improve the utilization rate of casting materials, reduce the cost of casting products, and produce casting products. The quality is also very high.http://www.dmgcastings.com/