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Anti-corrosion of pump valve fittings

Feb 01, 2019

Considering the influence of working environment conditions, pump valve fittings may be susceptible to corrosion problems under the influence of some factors. Corrosion of a valve, for example, is generally understood to be the damage of a valve metal material under the action of a chemical or electrochemical environment. The use of non-metallic composite materials that isolate the metal from the surrounding environment or more is the focus of corrosion protection.


As a pump valve fitting, the valve body of the valve belongs to an important part of the overall structure, and its specific gravity is large, and it is in constant contact with the medium. Therefore, the corrosion of the valve body is not limited to two forms, namely, chemical corrosion and Electrochemical corrosion. Its corrosion rate is determined by the temperature and pressure of the medium.


And if you want the pump valve fittings to achieve better corrosion protection during long-term use, you should first choose the right material. Although the information on anti-corrosion is very rich, it is still not easy to choose the right one. When the concentration is high, the steel material is given a passivation film to prevent corrosion. The second is to take lining measures, such as lead-lined, lining aluminum, lining engineering plastics, lining natural rubber and various synthetic rubber.