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Anti-skid handling and service life of heat treatment baskets

Jul 19, 2017

The heat treatment baskets are used in the course of their use as a means for stacking, assembling, transporting and handling them as a unit platform for loading the cargo and the horizontal platform of the product.

The heat treatment baskets is most suitable for the work Its forklift operations, in the process of access to goods will be more convenient.

The surface of the heat treatment baskets is effectively subjected to its anti-skid treatment so that it can be effectively prevented from falling off during the use of the articles in the steel tray during use, so that the product needs to be natural when applied Able to access the goods stably.

The overall structural rigidity of the heat treatment baskets is very good. In the process of making the production, the product is made of metal, so the product will have very good rigidity. When the product is applied, it can naturally be stable. The goods will not affect the goods in which they are placed because of their own structural changes.

Heat treatment baskets life is very long, because its metal is not easy because of the impact of external force to a certain extent, its damage, so the product can be timely in the application of a very good stability of the main reasons.

The use of heat treatment baskets is a wide range of applications, which are also one of the most important warehousing and transportation aids for industrial use. It is a horizontal platform device with unit load, The

Heat treatment baskets in the process of selection of its other trays are similar in the use of the process also need to be based on their needs to choose the appropriate size, the choice of tray size to consider the size of transport and transport equipment, steel The tray size should be such that it meets the size of the vehicle.


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