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Application of High Efficiency Water Bath Dust Removal Equipment in Precision Casting Equipment

Feb 15, 2017

Precision casting reduced the dust removal facilities, increased power consumption, increased the amount of training tasks, improve the effectiveness of dust. Water bath dust collector is to remove dust particles in the dust of the same, but also remove the gas in the water vapor and some toxic and harmless gaseous purification.

Refurbished 1, simply all the dust can be water adsorption, so the practical range of the dust collector is extremely wide. The choice of dust collector, the mechanism, the disadvantages of the dust collector is the choice of dust removal system is the secondary facilities, is the final consequences of dust removal system, because the choice of dust collector is essential. In the fine smelting consumption, cutting, shot blasting, sandblasting and shelling of the old order, will occur a small amount of dust. If the fans choose a small, up to the expected results.