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Application of pump valve casting and mold production

Apr 25, 2018

In the process of production, the pump valve casting can effectively extend the service life of the mold and improve its production efficiency under the condition that the mold cooling water is used correctly. The material of the pump valve casting mold is generally dedicated to the mold steel through each Kinds of processing made.


The use of mold cooling water in the pump valve castings can greatly reduce the use of mold release agents so that the operators do not use mold release agents to lower the mold temperature. The advantages thereof are that the life of the die is effectively prolonged, the die-casting cycle is saved, the product quality is improved, the occurrence of sticking, scratching, and sticking of aluminum is reduced, and the use of the release agent is reduced. It also reduces the loss of the jack and core due to overheating of the mold temperature.


The mold of the pump valve casting must be preheated during the process of production. This can prevent the occurrence of cracks in the cold mold due to sudden exposure to hot molten metal. The molds can be used with torches, liquefied gases, mold temperature machines in good condition, and relatively simple molds can be preheated with slow shots.


Valve valve casting operating advantages

1. The opening and closing is convenient, rapid, labor saving, and the fluid resistance is small, and it can be operated frequently.

2. Simple structure, small size and light weight.

3. Under low pressure, a good seal can be achieved.

4. The adjustment performance is good.

When the pump valve casting is in the counter-current state, the seal between the valve plate and the valve seat mainly depends on the torque of the drive device to press the valve plate against the valve seat. With the increase of the reverse medium pressure, the unit positive pressure between the valve plate and the valve seat is less than the medium pressure, the deformation of the spring of the adjustment ring after being loaded can compensate the tight pressure of the valve plate and the valve seat sealing surface. Plays automatic compensation.


The pump valve casting will effectively install the soft and hard multi-layer sealing ring on the valve plate, but it is directly installed on the valve body. It is an ideal two-way hard sealing method to add an adjustment ring between the pressure plate and the valve seat. It will replace gate valves, globe valves, and ball valves. Valves of this type should generally be installed horizontally in pipes.http://www.dmgcastings.com/