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Brief description of the related casting process of iron castings

Sep 26, 2017

Iron castings for the first step in casting, that is, to pay attention to the raw materials, in terms of this point, that is, including the appearance of the original material inspection, but also chemical composition analysis, ingredients and ingredients calculated by weighing the different materials. In addition, the iron castings in the casting time, the choice of raw materials, in fact, it will include refining agents and their modifier drying and weighing.

Then, the second step in casting the iron castings, that is, to pay attention to the smelting, according to a certain order of the first order is to pay attention to the raw materials should be added to the furnace, which is able to melt it into a Chemical composition on the relatively uniform alloy.

The third step in casting the castings is to carry out the pre-furnace test. After the alloy is melted uniformly, the sampling test is carried out. At this time, we should pay attention to whether it is necessary to check whether the different chemical composition is in accordance with the technical standard ; Then, in fact, we should be to adjust its composition, after testing, if found in the alloy of some or a few chemical components beyond the provisions of several technical standards, we also pay attention to the adjustment, so that It can make the chemical composition to its technical standards.

The next step in casting the castings is to refine it. After its chemical composition is compounded, it is important to note that it is necessary to use a refining agent to remove the alloy dissolved in the alloy and entrain the solid Particles.

Iron castings to be cast, but also should be noted that the refinement should be refined, that is, should be added to the aluminum alloy liquid appropriate amount of metamorphic agents, and this, that is, can improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and mechanical cutting performance Wait. Iron casting the next step, that is, should be cast, and finally speaking, we actually should be checked into the storage.

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