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Casting characteristics of pump casings and valves for pump valve fittings

Aug 18, 2018

The pump casing surface of the pump valve fitting can be coated differently. Generally, the anti-wear coating is applicable to piston rings, gear synchronizing rings, pump and valve sealing surfaces, crankshafts, exhaust fan shafts, and the like. Anti-corrosion coatings are suitable for substation steel tower steel bridges, offshore drilling drills, coal mine derricks and various chemical containers such as storage tanks.


When the pump casing of the pump valve fitting is used for casting, the process used is resin sand, the material is GB HT250, and other materials such as QT500-7, 450-10, 400-15 can be selected. As the basic components of the volute centrifugal pump, its processing methods include car, milling, boring, drilling, etc., and the surface treatment is anti-rust oil or paint.


The valve of the pump valve fitting is also an important part of it. The traditional gate and the chute are two separate parts, and there are many types of gates, most of which are installed under the silo (slot), and the opening and closing gates are used to circulate the material. Or cut off, the opening and closing gate power is divided into manual and mechanical transmission, and the mechanical transmission is pneumatic, electric and hydraulic transmission. The casting process of this part is clay sand, which can be processed according to customer's drawings.http://www.dmgcastings.com/