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Casting steel heat treatment and process points

Aug 02, 2017

Steel castings need to be used after the heat treatment, mainly because of its cast steel under the castings of the internal there will be some shrinkage, cracks and pores and other residual stress and uneven tissue defects, steel The use of heat treatment will make toughness and plasticity improved.

Steel castings in the production, it must be carried out its annealing and normalizing treatment, mainly because of its normalizing treatment of steel, its mechanical properties than the high after annealing in the use of its product cost is relatively low, So its application is more.

Cast steel parts of the basic principles of modeling process, in the processing of its quality requirements of the high surface or the processing surface should be placed below it, under normal circumstances its large plane should be placed below, thin-walled parts should be placed below, thick Most should be placed on top.

Steel castings in the production process, it is not completely solidified before, can not be effectively moving its cast, and in use are not allowed to dry above 600 ℃ strong water, castings in the use of the general will naturally cool 2- After 3 hours to clear the pieces.

In the course of preparation work, the operator must carry out its labor insurance products in accordance with its requirements, and then effectively carry out its safety confirmation of its working environment, and then effectively prepare the equipment used and work, need to be serious Of the inspection, so that it can effectively ensure that its equipment and tools in good condition and safe use.

Casting in the process of cutting, the need to effectively meet the requirements of its use, the operation of the welder, the need for effective parts of the casting of its welding, so as to be able to a certain extent, to ensure the integrity of its cast , After the welding is completed, the welding and other parts of the grinding treatment to ensure that the cutting site and welding parts smooth, smooth.


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