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Casting System Design and Process Parameters Selection of Valve Casting

Sep 21, 2017

Valve casting's production process: pour the molten metal into the casting mold, and obtain the required performance and shape after cooling.

The technological design of the valve casing includes different designs: the parts of the valve design, the design of the filling system, the design of the chiller, the design of the chill system, the special casting process design and so on. The parts of the valve design will involve the parts' processing allowance, casting position, choice of sub-surface and other requirements.

The valve casting process parameters include the dimensional tolerance, the shrinkage rate, the starting angle, the correction amount, the negative type and so on. The pouring system is the channel to guide the molten metal into the mold cavity, and the pouring system's design will largely impact the quality of the castings. The design of the casting system includes the type choice of gating system, choice of gate location and cross-sectional sizes of gating system components. In addition, the choice of gating system is also very important.

Valve casting's mechanized assembly lines mainly use bulk production. The pouring inside is generally set in the parting surface of the mold, according to casting position of the casting rough and the choice of parting surface.

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