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Dehumidification process and method of heat - resistant steel tray

Jul 12, 2017

The heat-resistant steel tray is a container unit tool for its mechanized loading and unloading and handling. The equipment is basically composed of components such as legs, blocks and stringers under the single-layer plating. The heat-resistant steel The minimum height of the tray is to facilitate the use of forklifts or pallet trucks.

Heat-resistant steel pallets in the process of rust removal process is very much the use of equipment in the course of the operation is mainly the use of its high-speed operation of mechanical equipment will be a certain size of the steel balls by throwing the centrifugal force Out, so that the steel balls will be thrown directly and the components of the collision hit violently, so that you can achieve the purpose of its product surface rust.


Heat-resistant steel tray in the rust, it can effectively use its pickling rust, in use, the main principle is the effective use of its acid solution in the acid and metal oxides for its effective response, so Will make the metal oxide to a certain extent, its dissolution, which will effectively remove the heat-resistant steel tray corrosion and dirt.

Heat-resistant steel pallets If the use of its power derusting or manual rust, in the construction process is very simple and convenient, but this labor intensity is relatively poor, the quality of its products rust, the law only In other methods do not have the conditions to be used locally.

Heat-resistant steel tray carrying capacity is the strongest of all the trays in the use of the process is very environmentally friendly, can be recycled from the use, so the resources will not be wasted, the equipment for the anti-skid surface, Side processing. The chassis is strong, the overall quality is light and steel is strong.


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