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Development Goals and Market Adjustment of Precision Casting Enterprises

Sep 23, 2017

The processing of precision casting is the leader in the world casting industry. This processing method is the representative of the casting industry in the field of high-tech, and precision casting has to play its exemplary and leading role in precision casting itself as well as sophisticated technology to get its market Recognition, so China's precision casting should be given priority to develop.


The development of precision casting requires the established goal and the goal of development, in the production of the completion of the growth mode by the resource-intensive, labor-to-technology capital-intensive changes in the enterprise from extensive pollution to green intensive change, so the product Quality, quantity and variety can be comparable with the world's advanced level.


Precision casting of the use of its high-quality materials in the proportion of the rapid increase in the market, the entire precision casting plant production efficiency, economic efficiency is also doubled, environmental pollution has been effectively managed, initially built with the environment coherent Chinese casting materials Industrial system.


Precision casting to form a number of reasonable structure, the overall level of high combination of research and development and education and training base, so as to effectively to the enterprise in the continuous delivery of its professional talents, can continue to develop high-quality, high-grade casting materials New varieties, so that there can be effective to meet the growing needs of casting materials, while gradually increasing the intensity of technology exports.


The development of precision casting to complete the adjustment of the entire industrial structure, to a certain extent, will be eliminated a number of low level of technology and poor quality of small precision casting plant, so that the market processed products will form a relatively concentrated situation, so Like to achieve professional, large-scale production, in particular, to the emergence of one or two world-renowned enterprises to compete with the backbone of enterprises, their high level of technology, sophisticated technology, advanced management level, can continue to provide high-end market, Of the casting materials, high market share.

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