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Domestic precision casting enterprises to develop the main six major problems

Feb 15, 2017

Specific direction is as follows: to improve the product's pass rate and process yield, reduce energy consumption and raw material consumption, training high-end talent, to achieve green casting. Second, the development of key pieces of casting technology, to achieve localization. Third, through the cooperation with foreign research institutions and enterprises, the introduction of digestion high-tech casting technology, and the development of key parts of the casting technology research, and into new products into the market. Fourth, to strengthen the casting of the leadership and management personnel training, to master the modern management knowledge, establish a modern management system, so that enterprises rely on the management of efficiency. Fifth, to take business commissioned by the factory and the joint school to train people, and to pay special attention to its computer software training. Sixth, through the establishment of national and regional technical training base, improve the technical staff and workers of the casting level.