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Evaluation Index of Low-temperature Valve Technology Level of Valve Parts

Jun 29, 2018

In the design process of valve fittings, the first thing to consider is the flow capacity and flow path resistance, while also satisfying some other relevant indicators. This helps to evaluate the technical level of the cryogenic valve of the valve fitting, and usually evaluates the technical level of the cryogenic valve by measuring whether the energy consumption is reasonable.


First of all, in the evaluation of the technical level, the thermal insulation performance of the cryogenic valve of the valve fitting needs to be considered comprehensively. The thermal insulation capacity of the cryogenic valve can be measured by the ratio of the heat flow rate Q1 of the valve into the cryogenic medium and the mass ratio of the passed cryogenic medium. Secondly, the cooling performance of cryogenic valves should be considered. The cooling performance of cryogenic valves refers to the ability of cryogenic valves to cool from room temperature to operating temperature.


Finally, the operating performance of the cold-valve valve opening/closing seal of the valve fitting must also be considered. In fact, under low temperature conditions, the performance of the seal is often destroyed. In order to achieve a reliable seal, a reasonable seal structure must be used or the seal specific pressure must be increased. Leakage-related parameters can be used to weigh the sealing capabilities of valve fittings for cryogenic valves.http://www.dmgcastings.com/