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Forming method and mechanical properties of pump valve casting

May 12, 2018

The modelling of the pump valve casting and core was effective in accordance with the requirements of the casting process, ready for molding materials in good modelling method and on the basis of the pump valve casting precision and all the production process of the economic effect, when use mainly depends on the working procedure, in many modern foundry, its modelling and core making to a certain extent, realized the mechanization and automation.

Pump valve casting after pouring cooling mold to retrieve, when used with a gate, riser and metal burr also adhesion of sand mold casting casting, the sand, so must pass a cleaning process. The equipment for this kind of work includes polishing machine, shot blasting machine, pouring gate cutting machine and so on.

Pump valve casting metal refers to the casting of metal materials used for pouring castings in production, it is a kind of metal elements as the main components, and join other metal or nonmetal elements and composition of the alloy, traditionally known as the casting alloy, mainly has cast iron, cast steel and nonferrous alloy casting.

Casting is a relatively economical blank forming method, which can show the economy of complex parts. Such as engine block and head, ship propeller and fine art, etc. Parts that are difficult to cut, such as the nickel-base alloy parts of a turbine, cannot be formed without casting.

Size and weight of the pump valve casting parts to adapt to the range is very wide, almost unlimited metal species, the parts in the general mechanical properties at the same time, also has wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, such as comprehensive performance, is other metal forming methods, such as forging, rolling, welding, punching, etc. As a result, the blank parts produced by casting methods in machine manufacturing are still the most in quantity and tonnage.http://www.dmgcastings.com/