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Heat resistant steel casting tray has a very strong contraction?

Jul 07, 2017

First of all, we should pay attention to, for the heat resistant steel tray contraction, in fact, that is subject to obstacles from all sides. Heat-resistant steel plate shrinkage resistance, and some will come from the mold, core, and some actually because the heat-resistant steel tray structure itself caused by obstacles. In this regard, we should pay attention when processing, transporting and using.

The casting shrinkage will vary depending on the size of the cast, the wall thickness, and the complexity of its structure. It is precisely because of this, and in fact we will notice that it is in all directions of the heat-resistant steel tray That is, there will be a relatively large difference. For wear-resistant steel is concerned, it is difficult to carry out processing, under normal circumstances, we actually will choose not to be processed on the assembly.

On the casting size of the deviation and its flatness of the error and so on, that is, will affect the final heat-resistant steel plate assembly and use. In many cases, in fact, because it is the size of the deviation, there is the size of its cast hole on the deviation, etc., it is actually in a very large extent to make the casting scrap situation.

So, how we want to get in line with the size of the heat-resistant steel plate and its castings, to accurately control the amount of shrinkage when casting, in fact, is a very important issue. It is precisely because of this, we actually have to pay attention to should be directly to study the size of the law of contraction, to determine the necessary process parameters as the basis for the preparation of the production process.

In summary, we actually find that there are many factors that cause the heat-resistant steel pan to shrink, and it is also relatively large in the impact. It is precisely because of this, in the face of heat-resistant steel pan and its casting Of the phenomenon of contraction, we actually have to pay attention to try to reduce or take advantage of its shrinkage in our production and its application which becomes unfavorable for the benefit.


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