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Heat-resistant steel castings for the environment

Sep 13, 2017

Speaking of heat-resistant steel plate for the environment, the earliest in the boiler and heating furnace which is actually used in low-carbon steel, the temperature in terms of its use, in fact, it will be about 200 ℃, on its pressure On the fact that is 0.8MPa. Until the use of low-carbon steel boiler, such as 20g when the use of its temperature will not exceed 450 ℃, the working pressure will not exceed 6MPa.

With the use of various types of power devices continue to improve the use of temperature, the working pressure is also rapidly increasing the modern heat-resistant steel produced by the use of heat-resistant steel plate temperature has been as high as 700 ℃, it is precisely because of this , In terms of its use of the environment, in fact, it will become more complex and harsh.

Heat-resistant steel plate temperature range is actually in the 200 ~ 1300 ℃, in terms of its working pressure in terms of words, in fact, it will be a few megabytes up to several tens of megawatts, on its working environment, also It is from the simple oxidation of the atmosphere, the direct development to the vulcanization atmosphere, mixed atmosphere there is its molten salt and liquid metal and other more complex environment.

Heat-resistant steel plate in the casting of the workpiece, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to first bake mold, so that can be removed from the water vapor, and in terms of another aspect, it can actually pass Increase the mold temperature to prevent the explosion splash.

Heat-resistant steel plate processing to operate the steps In fact, it will include a sweep of the mold, to promote the asbestos pad, then we actually should pay attention to the good and should also lock the front cover, put the nozzle, etc. The In its heat-resistant steel castings after the completion of casting, in order to get the grain has been refined, we should pay attention to the appropriate water cooling, this time who should pay attention to the temperature and time control, to avoid affecting the paint On the thickness.

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