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Heat-resistant steel plate casting welding should pay attention to the following points

Mar 06, 2018

Heat-resistant steel plate casting one of the key points in the welding time, refers to the welding spot suitable for spot welding, symmetrical welding, and the overall way of welding, in order to avoid stress concentration makes the heat-resistant steel tray cracking phenomenon occurs Welding the first layer (primer), if the seam on the smaller, this time it should be taken to pay attention to the use of 3.2 electrode.


Heat-resistant steel plate casting in the welding of the second layer must also be used when the 4.0 electrode, due to larger castings, according to 1/6 circle segmented welding.


For the heat-resistant steel plate casting in the cracks appeared during welding, this time should be the first along the crack along both sides of the groove, groove depth and length of the crack site should be removed and then re-welding. When welding cracks, we must pay attention to the head, starting from the crack root along the crack welding. For hardness greater than HRC38 when covered with AI02 electrode.


Heat-resistant steel plate casting welding, when the stratified welding parts, should be the first layer of temperature cooling to 200-300 ℃, and then clean the welding skin, and then welding the second layer, and so on. In actual welding, we should also pay attention to cutting and correcting the groove according to the site condition with the oxyacetylene flame. In order to ensure the welding quality, the surface of the heat-resisting steel plate should be cleaned to avoid the defects of oil, slag and other defects . And to do so, that is, to ensure that heat-resistant steel tray can work under certain conditions, with better results.


Speaking of heat-resistant steel tray in the application of the above welding should be satisfied after the welding conditions, first of all, in terms of its ability to be above 450 ℃, and even up to 1100 ℃ above the temperature among the work, and the heat-resistant steel Disk in the actual use should also be able to withstand static load, fatigue or impact of the role. Even if the tray at a higher temperature, the performance has decreased, but to ensure that the tray will not be deformed before they can.http://www.dmgcastings.com