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Heat-resistant steel tray casting operation and high temperature work attention

Apr 21, 2018

When heat-resistant steel tray castings are being cast, it is necessary to first bake the mold, remove the water vapor therein, and prevent explosion splashing by increasing the mold temperature. For the baking of heat-resistant steel tray castings, we can not only use torches, but also use red iron and other methods to operate, and, in this respect, are actually ready for the drying of the paint. .


When heat-resistant steel tray castings are produced for casting, the casting molds should be cleaned, the asbestos mats should be pushed in, the front end caps should be fastened, and the pouring nozzles should be placed. The paint is poured into the mold with a paint pipe, and the paint can be poured after the paint is dried into a shell. However, it should be noted that the paint pipe easily collides with the rotating front end cover to cause accidents. It is precisely because of this that it is in use. When the paint tube is pulled out, the machine is turned on while driving to ensure safety.


After the heat-resistant steel tray casting is completed, in order to obtain a refined grain structure, appropriate water cooling may be performed, but temperature and time should be controlled to avoid affecting the thickness of the paint. Afterwards, after the casting of the heat-resistant steel tray casting, its maximum operating temperature is a parameter that will be limited by various factors.


The maximum service temperature of the heat-resistant steel tray castings will be affected by the chemical composition of the heat-resistant steel castings, the shape and size of the heat-resistant steel castings, the environmental conditions of use, and the surface power load. Therefore, in actual use, we must pay attention to these factors in the determination of the maximum operating temperature of the heating element, and then determine the balance after comprehensive analysis.


Heat-resistant steel tray castings are affected by the working environment. Under high temperature, physical and chemical reactions occur with the components in the environmental medium, and the surface of the casting is eroded, which reduces its service life. The impact of the heat-resistant steel tray castings on the maximum operating temperature is mainly reflected in the three aspects of the high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the heat-resistant steel castings. These factors have a direct impact on the maximum use temperature and we must pay special attention to it.http://www.dmgcastings.com/