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Heat Treatment Process and Attention Requirement of Heat Resistant Steel Castings

Jul 14, 2017

Heat treatment of heat-resistant steel castings mainly refers to the heat treatment in the solid state, and then in the insulation and cooling, so that to a certain extent, effectively change the internal structure of its heat-resistant steel castings, so you can get the required performance of a Process method.

The main purpose of the heat-resistant steel castings in the production of heat treatment is to effectively improve the JJ performance of the steel, in use to play the potential of its steel, in use can effectively improve the use of its workpiece performance and life, To a certain extent, can also eliminate defects such as blanks.

Heat-resistant steel castings after annealing, under normal circumstances will slowly cool with its furnace temperature, the use of the process can effectively reduce the hardness, effectively improve its plasticity, in the use of effective improvement of cutting and pressure processing performance.

Heat-resistant steel castings are effective in refining grain and changing their mechanical properties. They are used in the process of preparation for the next step. Such products are suitable for alloy structural steel, high-speed steel forgings, alloy tool steel, carbon tool steel As well as the supply of substandard raw materials

The normalizing operation of the heat-resistant steel castings will be slightly larger than the annealing rate after annealing, reduce the hardness, improve the plasticity, improve the cutting and pressure processing performance, refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties, prepare for the next step ; Eliminate cold and hot work generated by the internal stress.

Heat-resistant steel castings The purpose of quenching is to effectively get its high hardness of martensite, in the course of the use of certain high-alloy steel quenching, it is to get a single uniform austenite to improve Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.


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