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High wear resistant cast iron heat treatment technology

Sep 14, 2017

Speaking of wear-resistant castings related to the heat treatment technology, in fact, it will include the ductile iron quenching and tempering process, in terms of this aspect, in terms of wear-resistant castings in terms of, to a large extent, Wear-resistant castings of the material, in fact, is the mechanical properties of ductile iron, when the casting heated to Afc1 above 30 ~ 50 ℃, after the insulation will be quenched into the oil, get the martensite.

In order to properly reduce the wear-resistant castings in the quenching after the residual stress, the general quenching, we actually have to pay attention to should be to temper, on its low-temperature tempering organization is concerned, in fact, because of the return of Mars as a plus Residual bainite plus spherical graphite. This kind of tissue wear resistance is better, used to require high wear resistance and its high strength parts.

On the wear-resistant casting temperature in terms of tempering, in fact, it will be tempered in the 350-500 ℃ after its organization for the tempering tempered plus spherical graphite, its own wear resistance will also be compared Well, on this point, we actually will note that it itself will have a certain degree of stability and flexibility of the thick pieces. In terms of its high temperature tempering temperature is to be in the 500-60D ℃, after tempering organization for the return of the cable directly to the ball-like graphite, with a toughness and strength combined with good overall performance.

In the use of heat treatment technology, in fact, to a large extent, is to eliminate the wear-resistant castings of the white mouth. White mouth itself is hard and brittle, followed by, in fact, because it is relatively poor in the processing performance, prone to peeling. In view of this, we actually should pay attention to the use of annealing methods to eliminate white mouth tissue.

For wear-resistant castings related to the heat treatment, we actually have to pay attention to it to a certain extent, that is, will play a fine grain and its uniform organization, the most important, can improve the wear-resistant castings themselves a mechanical performance. Of course, in fact, after the normal fire will need to be related to the private treatment, and that is, can be expected to eliminate the normal fire when the relevant internal stress generated.

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