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How is the precision casting part rust-proof?

Feb 15, 2017

Metal or alloy in the atmosphere because of oxygen, moisture, acid, salt and humid air caused by corrosion or discoloration known as rust or corrosion, it can make a very high strength of the metal surface into a very low strength compounds. To this end, investment casting often need to be anti-rust treatment. Rust-proof approach, usually use water-based anti-rust or oil rust. Regardless of which method is chosen to rust, the castings must be washed in advance to remove the surface of the dirt and promote the formation of passivation film. The composition, temperature and usefulness of the scrubbing solution. Casting after washing with hot, boring compressed air dry, then anti-rust treatment. We would like to "preferential prices, excellent quality, quality service" with your close cooperation, warmly welcome Chinese and foreign investors and seek common development and create a win-win situation.