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How to achieve energy saving and environmentally friendly production of wear resistant castings

Jun 28, 2017

[Original title] wear-resistant castings energy-saving and environmentally friendly production means to achieve what?

In order to achieve energy-saving and environmentally friendly production, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to the direct replacement of an energy-saving transformer, you can improve its transformer power, you can better match the melting furnace in the The same stage of the production process for the voltage requirements, in terms of this aspect, the wear-resistant castings in fact is to achieve the melting process of energy savings.

On the wear-resistant castings of energy-saving environmentally friendly production, in fact, we can directly use the domestic relatively new functional devices on the digital frequency of IGBT power supply, in order to achieve the energy-saving purposes we want. In addition to the conventional main circuit method can be used, when we control the circuit, in fact, that is, only two transformers and a control circuit board can be a.


For wear-resistant castings of this energy-saving and environmentally friendly production methods, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to be directly to remove the contactor and its intermediate relay, there is other auxiliary circuit, so that it is actually So that the entire device wiring very little, but also because the three-phase AC input can not distinguish between the phase sequence, for its IF output line does not need to distinguish the advantages of phase, so that when the scene debugging, it will be more Convenience.

Production of wear-resistant castings when used in this new digital IF power supply, not only in the 200 ~ 10KHZ a frequency range to run, for its control circuit board, it can actually work in 25 ~ 2000kW Range.

For the production of wear-resistant castings of this power, we only need to make a relatively simple adjustment can be run, in terms of this aspect, for the production of wear-resistant castings of this power, it is in large part There will be energy-saving and its no high-frequency harmonics, Moreover, in terms of another aspect, for its reliability is relatively high, so that we can start.