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How to avoid the damage of the customized castings?

Sep 19, 2017

There are many reasons for the bruise phenomenon. The mold may  encounter the mold, equipment, or the table side, angle and so on when picked up ; then, we actually need to pay attention to various operations to see if the castings is improperly stacked; Moreover, the operation of the operator itself may be improper, including throwing pieces.

It is necessary to pay attention to separate protection or collapse. We also need to pay attention to  the operating tools including the die-casting pick-up hook or pick-up clamp during the operating procedures.

To avoid the phenomenon of custom casting bumps, stacking is not allowed, goods must be placed neatly into the station equipment.

To avoid the phenomenon of custom casting bumps, we should take the pieces gently instead of throwing pieces. We also need to slide pieces down by the workbench while avoid collision; transport is also relatively slow to prevent the collapse or casting fall.

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