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How to choose the pressure reducing valve of valve fittings

Sep 12, 2018

In valve fitting products, pressure reducing valves are commonly used valve products. This type of valve is mainly used to adjust the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure, and rely on the energy of the medium itself to make the outlet pressure automatically maintain a stable valve. At present, there are many types of pressure reducing valves on the market, and different pressure reducing valve models are suitable for different media working conditions.


Therefore, for the user, how to correctly select the type is a more important issue. When purchasing the pressure reducing valve of the valve fitting, firstly, the diameter (DN) of the pipe should be clarified. Then, the pressure before and after the valve should be determined. It is also clear that the medium to be piped is steam or water, the temperature of the medium, and whether it contains Whether the particles are corrosive. This will determine the material of the valve body and the components inside the valve.


Normally, the working medium delivered by the pressure reducing valve of the valve fitting is water or gas. For example, in the pipeline where the pipeline medium is water, a Y42X pressure reducing valve and a Y416 pressure reducing valve are usually used. These two types of pressure reducing valves have similar performance and can be substituted for each other.http://www.dmgcastings.com/