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How to make heat-resistant steel plate workpiece processing better

Jan 15, 2018

To make heat-resistant steel plate workpiece processing better, the first point is to note that must be to improve heat-resistant steel plate castings structure. During the preparation of the casting process or in a series of production practices found that the cast heat-resistant steel plate workpiece structure design is unreasonable or when the wall thickness difference is relatively large, it is recommended that the proposed modification of the finished product structure program.


On the heat-resistant steel tray in the casting time, about its casting angle, adjusting the location and quantity of the gate riser to achieve the order of solidification, uniform cooling while shrinking purposes. If because of cast heat-resistant steel tray when, due to casting stress caused by the deformation of its products. During the production of wood or molding, it should be to pay attention to take the relative technical measures to make the corresponding anti-deflection. So heat-resistant steel tray castings remain flat after shrinking.


Heat-resistant steel plate in the casting process, when it is in the design of the sand box or the selection of the old sand box, the sand box block and castings protruding parts that should be there must be there must be a certain Eat sand amount. When necessary pouring, wait until the heat-resistant steel tray has not yet shrink, that is, pay attention to the box block and castings raised sand sand shovel between the parts or dig, making the free casting normal contraction.


When the heat-resistant steel casting plate casting (take) mouth and the box between the block is to pay attention to must have a certain distance, to maintain a certain amount of sand.


Finally, to ensure that the heat-resistant steel tray workpiece processing better, after the necessary heat-resistant steel tray workpiece casting, must be at work time, follow the steps in the operation step by step, and its temperature Requirements must also be observed. This is to keep the heat-resistant steel tray normal shrinkage during casting. In order to ensure the use of heat-resistant steel plate finished heat resistance and service life.http://www.dmgcastings.com/