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Knowledge of Paint Operation in Heat - resistant Steel Castings

Aug 23, 2017

Speaking of wear-resistant castings of the paint operation process, first of all, in the casting of the workpiece, we actually need to first bake about wear-resistant castings, will gather in the water vapor to get rid of, and on another side Speaking, we actually have to improve the mold temperature to prevent the phenomenon of explosion splash, to ensure the smooth operation of its operation.

For its baking, in fact, we can directly use the torch or red iron blocks and other means to operate, the above steps, to a large extent, in fact, is to wear the castings for the coating of baking Do it well.

Then we need to do, in fact, it is necessary to clean the wear-resistant castings, and then promote the asbestos pad, followed by, that is, should be good and to lock the front cover, the last is to pay attention to put the nozzle and so on. This time, we need to do, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to should be used to paint the paint pipe into the wear-resistant casting mold which, until the paint can be dried after the shell can be poured.

However, we need to note here is that, in terms of paint pipe, it will be easier and the rotation of the front cover to crash, so in terms of words, will be to a certain extent caused the relevant accident, it is because So, when we draw out with the paint tube at the same time, in fact, it should be in the car when the direct start of the machine to rotate, so that not only to ensure that the quality of wear-resistant casting paint, but also to a certain extent To ensure its security.

Finally, for the wear-resistant castings in the pouring is completed, in fact, is to be able to get a refined grain structure, you can take appropriate water to cool, but in terms of this aspect, we are in great In fact, it should be noted that the temperature and time control, to avoid affecting the wear-resistant castings on the coating thickness.

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