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Limit the maximum temperature of wear-resistant steel castings

Sep 12, 2017

Speaking of wear-resistant castings of the maximum use of temperature, it is in a very large extent, it will be directly subject to a variety of factors limit the parameters. In terms of these factors, in terms of its very large extent, it will include: wear-resistant castings of chemical composition, there is the shape and size of wear-resistant castings, then we actually have to pay attention to it To a large extent that will include its use of environmental conditions and surface power load.

It is also because of this, in determining the maximum temperature on the use of electric heating elements, in a large extent, in fact, it should be careful to take into account these factors, after a comprehensive analysis of the balance can be identified.

Wear-resistant castings for the maximum temperature of the use of the effect, it is mainly reflected in the wear-resistant castings on the high temperature strength and its antioxidant properties and corrosion resistance and other aspects of the impact of three aspects. In terms of these factors, it is, to a large extent, for the maximum use of temperature in terms of it, to a large extent, in fact, it will have a very direct impact.

Then we actually have to pay attention to the size of the size of the impact, first of all, for wear-resistant castings in the high temperature work, to a certain extent, in fact, is to pay attention to can be borne by the weight caused by their own Deformation. On the next step to see the words, for different sizes of materials in terms of the relative oxidation rate is actually very different, we need to pay attention to it.

Finally, the impact on the work environment. For wear-resistant castings under high temperature with the environmental medium which will be directly related to the occurrence of the physical and chemical reactions, then, on the surface of the wear-resistant castings is actually affected by the erosion, in view of this, Its a large extent directly to reduce the casting itself a life, we need to pay special attention.

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