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Main advantages and wall thickness design of pump and valve castings

Sep 04, 2018

Pump valve castings should try to avoid thick sections and local metal accumulation. In the process, metal-type pump valve castings and the like can also be used to refine the crystal grains. In order to reduce the casting stress, the wall thickness should be as uniform as possible and the transition should be smooth. For some stainless steel castings (such as pump body, valve body, etc.) with high air tightness requirements and high pressure, the structure should be designed according to the principle of solidification to ensure the structure. Feeding effect.

The pump valve casting will have a wall thickness of the valve body that is designed to have a slope so that it is thicker as it approaches the flange. The riser is arranged on the flange, and the cold iron is placed on the valve seat, so that the order solidification can be formed, so that the riser can effectively replenish the parts of the valve body to avoid shrinkage and ensure good airtightness.

The main advantages of pump valve castings

1. Pump valve castings are accurate in size, repeatability and precision casting.

2. The surface finish of the pump valve casting is high.

3. Pump valve castings use dry sand molding without binder, moisture, and without any additives, eradicating various casting defects caused by moisture, additives and binders.

4. The sand treatment system has been greatly simplified, and the molding sand can be completely reused, and the molding sand preparation department and the waste sand treatment department are eliminated.

5. The casting has no flash burrs, which reduces the cleaning and polishing work by more than 50%;

6. Negative pressure casting is more conducive to the filling and filling of liquid metal, which improves the microstructure density of castings.

7. Combined casting, one box and multiple pieces, greatly improving the process yield and production efficiency of castings.http://www.dmgcastings.com/