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Performance requirements for main components of pump accessories

Jan 19, 2019

Pump accessories include a number of different components, and because of the different functionalities of these components, their handling requirements vary. As one of the components of the pump fitting, the impeller is statically balanced and fixed by the bushing and the bushing nuts on both sides. The axial position can be adjusted by the bushing nut. The axial force of the impeller is symmetrically arranged by its blades. To reach equilibrium, there may be some remaining axial force that is bearing on the coaxial end.


At the same time, the pump shaft is also one of the important components of the pump fittings, which plays an important role in the operation of the pump body. The component is supported by two single-row radial ball bearings. The bearing is installed in the bearing body at both ends of the pump body, and is lubricated with butter. The double-suction sealing ring is used to reduce water leakage from the water pumping chamber of the water pump to the suction chamber.


In practical applications, the water pump is driven by the coupling of the pump fitting. Usually, the shaft seal is sealed with a soft packing. In order to cool the lubricating seal chamber and prevent air from leaking into the pump, there is a water seal ring between the packings. When a small amount of high-pressure water flows into the packing chamber through the water-sealing tube, it acts as a water seal.www.dmgcastings.com