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Peristaltic pump pump accessories will be affected

Mar 20, 2018

The operating temperature range of a peristaltic pump pump accessory is an important factor to consider. Some pump accessory tubes have a wide temperature tolerance like silicone rubber, and are suitable for high temperature and low temperature processes; however, some pump fittings such as Tygon® and C-Flex® are only suitable for a relatively small temperature range.


Peristaltic pump pump accessories in the selection, for the end user before selecting the pipe, this time is to pay attention to the first to clarify the system's maximum temperature and minimum temperature, and after that is to pay attention to ensure that the selected pump pipe safety work This temperature range. In applications that require a gradual increase in temperature, the end user should be careful to consider the effect of temperature on the chemical resistance and pressure bearing capacity of the peristaltic pump components. When the temperature rises, the pressure bearing capacity of this peristaltic pump pump part will inevitably decrease.


The use of a peristaltic pump pump accessory is also a matter of its size. With each roller in the peristaltic pump assembly pumping through the pump tube, the peristaltic pump will inevitably pump a certain amount of fluid. It is precisely because of this that the size of the pump tube is directly related to the pumping flow. In other words, the impact on the operation of the fluid delivery system is also greater.


Peristaltic pump The pump tube in the pump fitting is a part that needs to be considered when designing a high-quality peristaltic pump. At this time it is also necessary to calculate the optimal size of the pump tube or the optimal size range. At this time, the main dimensions are the internal diameter and thickness of the pump fitting.


The inner diameter of the pump tube in the peristaltic pump pump fitting determines the amount of fluid pumped per revolution of the rotor, but the degree to which it thickens and determines the ability of the pump fitting to return to its original shape after each rolling. This ability will inevitably affect the service life of the pump parts to a large extent. The size of the pump tube fitting is too small relative to the size of the pump head. The pump head cannot hold the pump tube and the pump tube must be pulled out of the pump head. http://www.dmgcastings.com