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Pouring temperature of heat - resistant steel castings

Aug 16, 2017

Heat-resistant steel castings in the production process is mainly made of some alloy, so from the industry for its strength requirements are relatively high, but even if the strong hardness, and hard objects after a strong impact on Will inevitably wear out of the situation.

Heat-resistant steel castings and materials in the process of full contact, on the one hand to be its impact force, the other side in use to be washed, so that the product for a long time, there will be some wear, its appearance or two Side of the edges and corners will be slowly grinding into a smooth arc.  

Heat-resistant steel castings are just in the process of production, the angular position and the surface are not the occurrence of its wear and tear, in use, mainly to withstand its impact, so that the positive force can impact the surface of its products, so that there will be deformation And bumps, but if there is wear, due to the surface of the force surface decomposition.  

Heat-resistant steel castings in the use of its reverse force to a certain extent, the impact force, the product tangential force will be effective on the product of cutting force, which will be to a certain extent, effectively reduce its production efficiency , Increase the time of their work.  

Heat-resistant steel casting casting temperature is a certain requirement, in use, the higher the temperature of its pouring, the use of its shrinkage will become larger, the product pouring temperature is low, so that the product shrinkage Will become smaller, so the pouring temperature should be appropriate is very important.

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