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Precautions in the practical application of valve fittings

Oct 16, 2018

Daily maintenance and maintenance of valve fittings is a key element in increasing their service life. So what problems should you pay attention to in actual operation? First of all, care should be taken to avoid looseness. Generally, it is required to check whether the fastening nut on the valve hand wheel is loose before use. If looseness is found, it should be tightened in time to reduce the wear of the valve parts due to looseness.


Secondly, during the use of the valve fittings, attention should be paid to the standard operation, and no knocking or weighting should occur. This is because when the pressure of the valve body exceeds the limit, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the valve. Especially for non-metallic electric valves and cast iron electric valves, it is forbidden to avoid this situation.


In addition, care should be taken to ensure correctness during use. In other words, when using valve fittings, the integrity, accuracy and clarity should be guaranteed. This is because the valve fittings do not exactly match each type of valve for different usage requirements.