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Precision Casting Casting Process Main Process and Precautions

May 22, 2017

With the gradual development of the casting industry, foundry industry to meet the domestic demand for high-end castings production enterprises. Precision casting is the use of sophisticated modeling methods to obtain accurate casting process in general. Casting is one of the most important processes in our machinery industry. What is the main process when we focus on mold parts?


Heat resistant castings

  1. Preparation and production of wool, including: According to the process requirements as follows to ensure that the size of the accessories and the number of sufficient need for forging forming should be completed casting, of course, before the hot work. The parts are then annealed.
    2. Roughing and roughing are mostly machined for mold parts, such as removal of stockings and blanks on the profile, so that all parts meet the specified shape and process results. And finally to facilitate the future of the composite to make the basic conditions.
    3. Semi-finishing, the local heat treatment quenching, for the parts without quenching to be distinguished.
    4. Semi-heat treatment. Cold stamping die parts, the working parts and most of the special purpose parts are required to arrange heat treatment quenching, to improve to ensure the use of performance and life, the work is mainly based on different materials to complete the heating, quenching and tempering process Operation, to achieve the technical requirements of heat treatment.
    5. Finishing. Refers to the mold parts after heat treatment of all the processing, but also the final part of the mold parts, is to ensure that the mold parts shape, size in line with the design and assembly, the use of the key requirements.


    Cast wear resistant pieces

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