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Precision casting enterprises to develop their own mold to go the way

Feb 15, 2017

Independent research and development has become the primary goal of the development of domestic casting enterprises. Only from the technical completely out of dependence can be fundamentally independent.

In order to get rid of this long-term dependence on the situation, the domestic sector casting enterprises began to obtain market through independent development. Recently, the city of Suzhou City, Wei Town, the town of non-ferrous metal casting plant through the independent development of processing mold, out of a precision casting of the transformation of the road. It is reported that the precision casting enterprises currently have a total of 118 people, the production of more than 800 kinds of non-ferrous metal parts, although the other two years in the financial crisis under the influence of export-oriented color casting business ups and downs. But the city of non-ferrous metal casting plant not only for this "anxiety", but that this is a good time to adjust the product structure. In order to meet customer needs in all directions, it began to independently develop the mold of the road. Increased market development efforts, and in line with the international market to achieve intensive development.