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Process characteristics and production requirements of stainless steel precision casting

Sep 27, 2017

Stainless steel precision casting is not only a way of casting stainless steel, but also a kind of precision casting, but this type of material will be more stable and more mature technology. Stainless steel precision casting in the process is a silica sol process. Compared with other casting methods, stainless steel precision casting is a less cutting or no cutting of the casting process. It can be directly used after forming. It is a more classic technology in the history of casting process

Stainless steel precision casting in industrial production is very extensive and its silica sol technology in the field of industrial production is very extensive. It cannot be separated from its advantages. On the one hand, the silica sol process is able to adapt to a variety of materials and various types of process casting. On the other hand, castings which are produced by this technique are higher in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface quality and other conditions than other casting methods.

It is precisely because of the above advantages, that make the stainless steel precision casting industry, with very good prospects for development in the present, has been predominant in a lot of manufacturing enterprises. Not only that, because the stainless steel precision casting in the overall processing technology are part of the field of precision casting, so all the advantages of all precision casting here are also appropriate. Stainless steel precision casting in the field of industrial production and processing applications is now more and more widely used.

There are many kinds of stainless steel precision casting process and each casting method has a different process and technique, so that you can adapt to its different parts. The products mainly include the size of the thick wall, the shape and the weight of the castings. So we should be choose the appropriate casting process according the different structural characteristics of castings. 

Sand type precision casting characteristics, due to the internal sand core, live block shape, gasified pattern and other special modeling technology, can produce castings with more complex shapes. The sizes and weight of castings are almost unlimited. Casting weight is generally from tens of grams to several hundred kilograms. The sand casting has a certain limit to the minimum wall thickness.

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