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Process parameters and production results of pump valve castings

Jul 20, 2018

When the pump and valve castings are operated, the wall thickness is thin and the type is complicated, and the inner cavity needs to be formed into a core. The whole product is mainly used to simulate and optimize the casting process parameters of the casting by the solidification simulation technology. Iron-type sand-covered casting production of pump and valve castings.

The production line of pump and valve castings adopts iron-type signal-free precision conveying technology, iron heating system, high-efficiency hydraulic cleaning system, modular control system, independent circulating casting system, etc., which realizes the automatic flexibility of iron-type sand casting of pump and valve castings. produce. The stainless steel castings appropriately increase the amount of Mn, Ti, Sn, Bi and other elements on the basis of good toughness and plasticity of the low carbon steel, and give the stainless steel casting material better strength and plasticity, easy molding, and surface lubrication of the material. Good toughness, abrasion resistance, and good corrosion resistance to acidic fluids.

The performance of the pump valve castings will be more stable under high temperature conditions, and the efficiency of the hybrid slag is higher, which can effectively improve the purity of the molten steel and improve the quality of the casting. The performance of the stainless steel obtained after repeated heat treatment is mature and stable. It can meet the complex structural characteristics and variable use environment of pump valves, and achieve energy-saving and high-efficiency production.

Annealing method of pump valve castings

1. Graphitization annealing: The graphitization annealing of the pump valve castings is to reduce the hardness, improve the processing performance, and improve the plasticity and toughness of the cast iron.


2, stress relief annealing: in order to eliminate the residual stress of the casting, stabilize its geometry, reduce or eliminate the distortion caused by the cutting process, the casting needs to be stress relief annealing.http://www.dmgcastings.com/