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Processing accuracy requirements and position requirements for pump accessories

Feb 04, 2019

The entire process of positioning and clamping is part of the process of machining the pump fittings. The processing of pump parts is different because of their different practical uses and precision requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these factors for the processing of the hole parts. In machining, the processing volume of the hole accounts for a large proportion, and the processing of fixed-size tools such as drills, reaming drills, reamers, and boring tools accounts for a large proportion.


It should be noted that not only the dimensional accuracy of each hole of the pump fittings but also the positional accuracy requirements of the holes should be achieved. In the single-piece small-volume production, the method is used to find the position of the hole axis after scribing. Drilling machine fixtures and boring machine fixtures are generally used in mass production. Drilling machine fixtures, also known as drill dies, are also known as boring molds. The relative position between the tool and the workpiece can be accurately determined by machining the drill sleeve and the boring sleeve.


According to the design drawing of the pump body, the outer surface has four planes to be processed, the shaft hole is on the front and rear end faces, the sealing cone on the left end surface and the upper end surface is empty, and a series of holes are required on the front end surface. . It can therefore be divided into four sets of machined surfaces, and there is a certain positional requirement between these pump parts.