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Pump accessories inspection and related maintenance

Feb 09, 2018

 When the pump starts to be required to be filled with water, when running, but also must pay attention to long-term contact with the water, and because of the impact of water quality, making the pump and pump accessories working conditions worse than the fan, in view of this, for the pump Parts inspection and maintenance work will also be more than the fan, the requirements must also be higher than the fan.


Pump parts before the start of the inspection work refers to the equipment is relatively long time to disable, or after repair and disassembly and cleaning ready to put into use, we should take a look at the bearing oil is not sufficient; afterwards, In fact, we should pay attention to look at the specifications of the lubricant is not in line with the requirements.


Check the pump accessories which are the motor anchor bolts and coupling bolts are not off or loose phenomenon; attention to close the outlet pipe valves, gauges and vacuum gauge valves; for its distribution equipment is not intact, normal, All indicating instruments, safety devices and their electronic devices should be sensitive, accurate and reliable before they can operate.


For horizontal pumps in the pump accessories, must pay attention to hand crank the coupling, after which should also pay attention to look at the impeller on the pump is not able to rotate, if the turn can not move, it is necessary to check After the reason, the timely removal of hidden dangers before they can. Water pump fittings in the shaft seal watertight or dripping (per minute, the number of dripping does not exceed 60). If the leakage or drops too much, pay attention to identify the reasons for improvement to meet the requirements before they can.


Check the pump parts which inlet pipe is not full of water, when the water released from the manual deflation valve without air, it can be found that the inlet pipe has been filled with water. If you can put the outlet pipe is full of water, which is more conducive to a boot success. When the water inlet pipe fittings in the water filling process, we must exclude air.