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Pump assembly delivery requirements

Jan 30, 2019

Pump accessories are an integral part of pump trucks that play an important role in conveying materials. During the transportation process, special personnel should be arranged to monitor the feed to avoid blockage caused by excessive diameter or foreign matter entering. When pumping, the amount of concrete in the hopper should not be lower than the position of the agitator shaft to prevent air from entering the pump tube and causing the pipe to vibrate.


During the pumping operation, if it is necessary to stop the operation midway, it is recommended that the interruption time should not exceed one hour, and the back pump and the positive pump should be operated every 5 to 10 minutes to prevent the concrete from leaking or slumping due to concrete. Large and blocked. After pumping, the pump accessory hopper and delivery piping system must be carefully cleaned. If the residual concrete in the concrete cylinder is not cleaned, it will solidify on the cylinder wall. When the piston runs again, the piston sealing surface will directly bear the impact of the solidified concrete on the cylinder wall, causing the push piston to partially peel off.


In the event of damage, it will cause more serious faults, resulting in leakage or suction, causing pumping weakness, blockage, etc. Another important thing is that the commonly used pump accessories must be stocked so that they can be replaced in time for damage.