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Pump fitting casting details

Aug 16, 2018

In the actual casting process, the pump suction pipe of the pump fitting must ensure good sealing, and it is necessary to reduce the elbow and the gate valve as much as possible. When the water is filled, the air should be exhausted. During the operation, the air should not accumulate in the pipe, and the suction pipe is required. The micro-upper slope is connected with the water inlet of the water pump, and the water inlet should have a certain depth of flooding.


The casting process of the pump fittings is made of clay sand. The material used is GB HT250. Other materials such as QT500-7, 450-10, 400-15 can also be used. As the basic component of the pump, it is processed by milling and the surface treatment is anti-rust oil or paint. The water pump cover is also an important part, and it is also a casting process using clay sand.


As a kind of pump fittings, the processing method of the water pump cover mainly includes a car, a machining center, etc., and the surface treatment method used includes anti-rust oil or paint. When the product is inspected for quality, it can be self-tested or tested by a third party. According to the customer's requirements, the pump cover parts of the pump parts can be processed according to the customer's drawings.http://www.dmgcastings.com/