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Pump fitting production quality management requirements

Jul 27, 2018

In the production process of pump parts, in order to strengthen its quality control and management, it emphasizes that the production must be based on the product drawing management system to ensure the performance of pump parts, product quality, product technical parameters in the production process. Get the best implementation.


In order to meet the quality control requirements, in the process of purchasing the raw materials of the pump parts, the quality assurance department shall carry out type tests on the products according to the technical requirements of the products and form a test report. After the type test, the factory or technical department will form a product schematic and take a picture of the product. The general manager will archive the product schematic, technical requirements and product pictures and compile the inventory code to allow storage. If the number of sales of similar products reaches more than 3 batches, product drawings shall be formed.


At the same time, the design drawings of the pump parts products also need to be strengthened. Generally, after the type test, the product drawings and packaging drawings are formed and reported to the general manager for archiving. The general manager office issues product drawings and packaging drawings to relevant departments and factories. Take back the sketch. In the process of product control of the pump parts, the quality assurance department shall control the product replacement and quality, and the technical department will periodically review the products.http://www.dmgcastings.com/