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Pump valve accessories process principle

Jan 11, 2018

Pump valve is the general term for pumps and valves. The reason why the pump valve, that is, because the pump and valve are often linked together to use. In summary, that is because there is a pump where there are valves, pumps are often required in some places. This is where the liquid will be used. Of course, in fact, we should pay attention to the valve that is used for gas. Vacuum pump is also a great relationship with the gas.


The operation of the positioner in the pump valve assembly, when the input signal increases, means that when the 4-20MA signal increases, the torque motor generates an electromagnetic field, and the baffle plate will be forced away from the nozzle by the electromagnetic force. Spray nozzle and baffle spacing becomes larger, discharge the pilot valve which pressure above the spool. Affected by the above-mentioned spool will move to the right, to promote blocking the base of the spool, air pressure input through the base into the implementing agencies. Finally, the displacement will be transmitted to the range feedback lever, pulling the range spring. Make the locator move.


When the positioner in the valve assembly is in operation, the baffle will return to its original position and reduce the distance from the nozzle when the force of the range spring and the torque motor are balanced. When the actuator's movement stops, the positioner can maintain a relatively stable state.


Valve positioner in the actual use of the time, the control system will be given the DC current signal into a valve to drive the gas signal, played a control valve action. In the meantime, the application of the positioner in the pump valve assembly will be fed back according to the opening of the regulating valve, so that the valve position can be correctly positioned according to the control signal output by the system.http://www.dmgcastings.com/