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Pump valve casting structure design and design requirements

Jan 30, 2018

Casting valve castings as an important element in the development of design, has been widely used in oil and gas exploration, liquid transportation and other fields which, in order to better cast valve casting, in the production process is mainly used Iron-coated sand casting technology, the effective design of the pump valve casting iron sand casting process.

Casting valve castings thin wall thickness, complex type, the cavity required to form the core characteristics of solidification simulation technology used to simulate the casting filling and solidification process optimization casting process parameters to achieve the valve cast iron sand casting produce. Iron-based heating system, high-efficiency hydraulic cleaning system, modular control system, independent circulation casting system are adopted in the production line to realize the automatic and flexible production of iron type sand casting of valve castings.

Pump valve casting structure design

Pump valve casting structural design to effectively ensure its performance and mechanical properties requirements, consider the casting process and alloy casting performance requirements of the structure of the casting, casting structure design is reasonable or not, the quality of castings, productivity and cost of a great influences.

Pump valve casting design requirements

1. The structural design is reasonable, such as the arrangement of fulcrums, the arrangement of the ribs, the location of the openings and the design of the connecting structure, etc., are to be beneficial to the improvement of the strength and rigidity of the box.

2. Technology is good. Including rough manufacturing, machining and heat treatment, assembly adjustment, installation and installation, lifting transportation, maintenance and other aspects of the craft.

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